Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil #9

    South Jersey Rebellion Publications
    Author: Tony DiGerolamo
    Pencilers: Dorm LaGrutta Jr. and Brian S. Dawson
    Inker: Barry Chabala

Reviewed by Sidra Roberts

What in the devil is the Jersey Devil one might ask? Well, that's a question I myself had. So I decided to visit the South Jersey Rebellion Publication site in order to find out. The Jersey Devil is apparently a 300 year old folkloric figure said to herald war. The Jersey Devil was blamed like many common bogeymen for animal mutilations and other miscellaneous things. The myths and convoluted stories surrounding the Jersey Devil are numerous and in this series Tony DiGerolamo explores this myths with entertaining gusto that rivals a storyteller sitting up in front of a group of children spinning a story of adventure before their very eyes.

Jersey Devil #9 is a slight departure from the usual formula; it takes place in 2135 in an earth that has accidentally blown itself into oblivion in an era when world peace looked like it was about to be a reality. In this futuristic earth the only things left are the Dream Machine or DM, mutants, cyborgs, robots, and your occasional fuedal lord.

The protagonist in this story is a flunky of the DM named Juan. Juan's only friend is his weapon named Gun. Gun is much much smart than Juan could ever hope to be. Juan runs into an old warlord who tells him to discontinue heading down the road that he Juan is traveling and settle down with friends and family.

Were does the Jersey Devil fit into this? Well, I'm glad you asked. Juan decides to take the ex-warlord's advice and make friends. Except Juan has no clue how to make friends. Gun suggests that Juan research how to make friends so Juan goes into the comic shop that is left in this futuristic hell-hole. There he learns all his friend making abilities from the Jersey Devil comics. Can we see the problems unfolding now?

Do Juan actually make "friends" and settle down or does he continue on his warlord ways, if you want to know pick up this fascinating series by South Jersey Rebellion Publications and don't forget to come back next month for a review of Jersey Devil #10.

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Review Copyright © 2000 Sidra Roberts

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