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Comics legend NEAL ADAMS has announced that he will premiere a long-awaited original film on board MAKING WAVES: THE CBLDF FUNDRAISING CRUISE. As the embarkation date approaches and decks start selling out, artists continue to join the CBLDF Crew. ZANDER CANNON is the latest creator to come aboard this unique cruise vacation which offers fans the chance to spend quality time talking, drinking, and dining with some of the best artists and writers the industry has to offer. All proceeds from this comics dream event benefit the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

Comic fans have heard rumors for years about the latest and greatest project from NEAL ADAMS. Adams' detailed, realistic artwork on "Strange Adventures", "X-Men," "Batman," and the famous "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" team-ups revolutionized superhero comics in the late '60s and '70s. But he's spent almost 27 years on his latest work, "Two Guys in a Bar, or, A New Model of the Universe." This massive graphic novel of science and physics promises to do for science what Adams' earlier work did for comics.

In conjunction with the graphic novel, Adams has produced a never-before seen film challenging conventional wisdom about the formation of our planet's continents. Debunking traditional scientific views of earth's geological history, Adams builds on his new theory as a model for nothing less than the creation of the universe. No fan of comics or "Cosmos" will want to miss the premiere of this long-awaited work.

"It's an honor and a privilege to be able to present Mr. Adams' film on board," said CBLDF executive director CHRIS OARR. "His fans have been waiting for years for this. It's a very special occasion."

New crew recruit ZANDER CANNON is best known as the artist for "TOP TEN," part of ALAN MOORE's America's Best Comics line from Wildstorm/DC. Cannon's breakdowns and GENE HA's detailed finishes combine to propel Moore's tale of supercops in a super-powered city. Cannon also wrote and drew "Replacement God," an idiosyncratic fantasy combining high adventure and low humor. His work has also appeared in "Tom Strong," "Negative Burn," and "Chainsaw Vigilante."

"The CBLDF is a great organization," said Cannon, "so I think nothing of making great sacrifices to help them out -- like taking a week-long vacation to Mexico on a luxurious cruise liner! If the Fund is able to get the donations it needs, why, even the horrors of calmly sipping a margarita in a deck chair while I watch the sun set will all eventually be worth it."

"Zander couldn't have put it better"" said Oarr. "I want to thank everyone who has agreed to run the gauntlet of sun, sea, and endless cocktails on behalf of the CBLDF. You sacrifice will not go unappreciated."

In addition to NEAL ADAMS and ZANDER CANNON, the creator crew for Making Waves includes:

Making Waves will also include many comics professionals: Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs, Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth, CBLDF president Denis Kitchen, Mike Richardson and Diana Schutz of Dark Horse Comics,'s Dave Reid, Bob Schreck of DC Comics, CBG's Maggie Thompson, and many more editors, publishers, and industry insiders.

Making Waves is a unique chance for comics aficionados to wine, dine, and converse with some of their favorite creators in the informal atmosphere of a week-long luxury cruise. Departing APRIL 9 from LOS ANGELES, the cruise will tour the Mexican Riviera with stops in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Mazatlan. To ask cruise-related questions or to book passage, please contact THE CRUISE AUTHORITY at 1-800-448-1830.

On board, Making Waves will feature cocktail parties, slide shows, panel discussions, seminars, and much more comics programming. Fans will also be able to sign up for dinners and drinks with all the attending pros to guarantee time for some quality conversation. Of course, this is in addition to all the informal hanging-out in the ship's bars, pools, sundecks, restaurants, and casinos.

Making Waves is made possible by the generous support of "The Comics Journal", Cartoon Books, Dark Horse Comics, Diamond Comic Distributors, Drawn & Quarterly, NBM Publishing,, Oni Press, Sirius Entertainment, Slave Labor Graphics, and WonderCon. All proceeds from the event benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics community. To inquire about attending creators and comics programming, please contact the CBLDF at 1-800-99-CBLDF or visit our web site at

Chaos! Mourns the Loss of Steven Hughes

February 18, 2000 - Scottsdale, AZ - Chaos! Comics mourns the loss today of illustrator Steven Hughes. Steven died February 18th after a long illness. Steven was one of the driving forces behind the success of Chaos! Comics, beginning with the launch of Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild in December 1991. Steven's work gained national attention with the success of the wildly popular Lady Death #1 and he rose to global prominence with the release of the sequel, Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell. Steven was listed in Wizard Magazine's top ten artist list in 1995 and his work was featured on the cover of Wizard Issue 75. He was one of the most prominent African-American artists in comic book history.

Steven was an outspoken, fiercely independent artist. He was popular with his fans, a dedicated, hard core following who often waited in long lines at conventions for an autograph or a sketch. His work was most recently featured in The Next Step, a travelling art show featuring mainstream African-American comic book artists. Steven's work joined the tour in Boston in 1995 at the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists in Boston, Massachusetts.

Steven was recently recognized during the Black History Month celebration at the Words and Pictures Museum located in Northampton, Massachusetts in February 1999. Steven was on hand to demonstrate illustration techniques and provide sketches.

Steven was a dedicated father and husband, as passionate about his family as he was about his art. His wife Barbara and his children Amber, Chance, and Samantha survive Steven. A memorial service will be announced shortly. Chaos! publisher, Brian Pulido requests that fans leave testimonials on the Chaos! message board and they will be forwarded to Steven's family.



Comics news: A version in English of Danish writer-artist Frank Madsen's "Kurt Dunder in Tirol" will be released April 14th, the same day as the Danish edition hits the stores in Denmark. The price of the English edition will be appr. 100 Danish Kroner + postage and handling, and it can be ordered through Kurt Dunder's homepage,
"Kurt Dunder in Tirol" will be the third Kurt Dunder book in Danish, but the first to be translated into English.

THE STORY: The archaeologist professor Picket has made a fantastic find near Schloss Tirol. But then trouble starts: Burglaries, anonymous letters and tools disappearing from the excavation. Picket decides to send for his old school buddy, the world famous scientist and explorer Kurt Dunder. Hardly has Kurt and his trusty pal Bill Milton arrived to the excavation, before they discover a hidden entrance to a Mithraeum, a Mithraic temple from the roman age, and find evidence, that it is still being used! Soon our friends are involved in a case, that includes three dead Templar Knights, the local count, a mysterious party of german tourists and a certain Madame Isis, who claims, that her rituals will grant her followers a life after death. This is the first Kurt Dunder adventure to be published in English. More titles will be available soon.

More information about Kurt Dunder and his adventures available at:


Written by Steven Grant, illustrated by Al Rio. Cover by Al Rio.

PURGATORI VS. CHASTITY: the vampire vixen grudge fight of the dark millennium!

Chastity's destined to destroy Purgatori, so Purgatori tries to cheat fate by killing Chastity first! What's the mysterious Heresy's role in this, and who is she really? The answer's a shocker! Will Purgatori crush Chastity, or can the vampire cutie find a way to defeat the goddess of blood?

As an added bonus, two versions of Purgatori vs. Chastity #1 will be published, each with completely different ending - yet both endings fit into continuity! The endings are distinguished on the cover.They will be titled ALPHA and OMEGA. Alpha and Omega covers will ship in equal quantities.

RETAIL INCENTIVE: For every 25 copies of Purgatori vs. Chastity #1 ordered, receive one Deluxe edition FREE.

    Full color, 32 pages, $2.95 US
    Distributor discount: 60.75% off for pick up / 60% off shipped
    Ship 6/23


Northampton, MA, February 2, 2000 — With less than three weeks to go before the HARVEY AWARDS Nominating Ballots are due, the HARVEY AWARDS COMMITTEE is pleased to announce the addition of STEVE MORGER. Morger helped spearhead the Harvey Awards during their tenure at Wondercon. He joins Harvey Awards administrator PAUL McSPADDEN, who oversaw the awards during their nine years at the Dallas Fantasy Fair.

Morger, who works at the law firm of Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean, LLP, in Oakland, CA, was the individual responsible for the administration and presentation of the Harvey Awards during their last year at Oakland's Wondercon. He also served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

"It is an honor to continue my involvement with the Harvey Awards so that the creators in our field will continue to be recognized for creative excellence by their peers," said Morger. "I hope that the awards can continue to build on the foundation of previous years and remain the most coveted and respected awards in the industry."

"Now that Steve is joining our team," said McSpadden, "there's a real sense of continuity and cooperation here. We've also got a broader geographic base on the Committee, with representatives from both coasts and the Mid-West. We've already received hundreds of ballots back, and we're looking forward to an excellent turn-out from artists and other members of the creative community."

"With both Morger and McSpadden on board," said Committee chairman DENIS KITCHEN, "we've got a great deal of experience and expertise to go with the energy of the Committee's newcomers. Steve is particularly adept at fundraising and will be focusing on preserving and expanding the Harveys' relationship with the sponsors which help underwrite the annual awards. With his help, we're confident that the Harvey Awards will continue to improve."

Named after the late comics genius HARVEY KURTZMAN, the Harvey Awards honor outstanding work in comics and sequential art. One of the industry's two oldest and most respected awards, the Harveys recognize achievements in 24 categories, ranging from Best Artist to the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame. They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comics professionals. The 13th Annual Harvey Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, APRIL 28th at the PITTSBURGH COMICON. Reservations for the banquet can be made by contacting Rene George at (814) 467-4116.

Nominating Ballots for the awards were mailed to creators and publishers in mid-January and are due by FEBRUARY 18. Qualified professionals who have not received ballots should contact the Committee by e-mail at or call Paul McSpadden at (972) 690-5491.


Spilled Milk, a new comic studio and publishing company, officially opened its doors in February of 1996. The goal of the company is to publish a comic that is entertaining and yet thought provoking. The first title for Spilled Milk will be a four issue mini-series called CiCi. Spilled Milk was lucky to sign on Monte Moore to do all four painted covers and the first one is definitely a wrap-around. Another professional to join the crew is former Image inker Chuck Gibson, who is know for his attention to detail. Industry powerhouse Digital Chameleon was hired to work on the colors for the first issue. Zak Hennessey took some time from his Lazarus Lives projects to help out. And finally Jason Hall, a new-comer in the industry, has worked his fingers to the bone as the penciller.

The creator, Parker Smart, has been a long time comic fan and is attempting this project from a different vantage point. "It's all about who you know," as Smart struggles to find contacts in the industry, "and I don't know anybody." He tends to be pretty tight lipped as to the exact nature of the first series, but it is definitely science fiction with a plate full of cookies for those nerds out there. The premise may upset the religious right, but you have to remember, it is just a story.

The website is a wealth of information. It keeps comic fans up to date on the progress of the series and contains preview artwork. Smart is very candid on his site where he documents the entire comic creation process. Smart is stressing more on content than glitz at the moment although more eye-candy will be added as time permits. The storylines will first be released to people who sign up for the Spilled Milk Update List, then slowly transferred to the web-site, and lastly released in this format. For the latest and greatest about CiCi and Spilled Milk, sign up for the updates and watch history in the making.


LINDA MEDLEY, creator of "CASTLE WAITING," is the latest cartoonist to join MAKING WAVES, courtesy of her new publisher CARTOON BOOKS. Making Waves, the CBLDF FUNDRAISING CRUISE, is the first of its kind to bring creators and fans together for a week-long luxury vacation of panels, drinking, and dining. All proceeds from this dream cruise go to benefit the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

Medley got her start as a cartoonist penciling popular action titles like "Justice League," "Doom Patrol," and "Deathblow," but she garnered critical acclaim for the fantasy series "Castle Waiting," which she writes and draws herself. In 1997 Medley joined fellow cartoonists CHARLES VESS and JEFF SMITH as a founding member of the TRILOGY TOUR, promoting their work at conventions across the country. "Castle Waiting" has steadily gained fans of all ages, and in 1998 Medley was honored with two Eisner awards. During a brief hiatus from the series, she worked on DC/Vertigo's forthcoming "Books of Faerie."

After self-publishing the original run of "Castle Waiting," Medley recently announced her new association with Cartoon Books, publisher of Jeff Smith's "Bone." In May 2000, Cartoon Books will publish "Castle Waiting, Vol. 1: The Lucky Road," a trade paperback compiling the first seven issues self-published by Medley. July will see the relaunch of "Castle Waiting" #1, featuring all new artwork and stories.

"I'm so excited to be a part of Making Waves," said Medley. "I've already started packing an appropriate wardrobe of espadrilles, tropical shirts and loud-print muu-muus. And a whoopee cushion to help keep things lively on the Lido Deck I hope there are other comic bookies on board who'll join me in shopping excursions for stuffed frogs and Chupacabra souvenirs; I truly want to help make this CBLDF maiden voyage a memorable one."

"I'm a big fan of Linda's, and I'm really glad she'll be joining us in Mexico," said CBLDF executive director CHRIS OARR. "We're grateful to Linda for coming, and to Cartoon Books for sending her."

Medley joins an already impressive cast of seafaring stars listed in the press release above.

As if that weren't enough, Making Waves will also include many of the comics industry's movers and shakers: BOB CHAPMAN of Graphitti Designs, Fantagraphics publisher GARY GROTH, CBLDF president DENIS KITCHEN, NBM publisher TERRY NANTIER, MIKE RICHARDSON and DIANA SCHUTZ of Dark Horse Comics,'s DAVE REID, BOB SCHRECK of DC Comics, CBG's MAGGIE THOMPSON, and many more editors, publishers, and industry insiders.

Many comics fans rang in the new year by booking their own passage on Making Waves. Enrollment is limited to only 300 fans and professionals, and cabins are going fast. The ship leaves APRIL 9 from LOS ANGELES and makes ports of call in PUERTO VALLARTA, CABO SAN LUCAS, and MAZATLAN. On board, the cruise will feature cocktail parties, slide shows, panel discussions, seminars, and much more comics programming. Fans will also be able to sign up for dinners and drinks with all the attending pros to guarantee time for some quality conversation. Of course, this is in addition to all the informal hanging-out in the ship's bars, pools, sundecks, restaurants, and casinos.

The cruise ship includes nine deck levels with a sliding scale of cabin prices, from luxury accommodations to "starving artist" rates. Prices include just about everything--food, 24 hour room service, even tips - except drinks and shopping. Altogether, the cruise is a unique opportunity for comics aficionados to wine, dine, and converse with some of their favorite creators in a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere. To obtain your free MAKING WAVES CRUISE KIT, please contact THE CRUISE AUTHORITY at 1-800-448-1830.

A joint fundraising venture between the CBLDF and "THE COMICS JOURNAL," Making Waves follows the lead of many high-profile publications and organizations who have hosted successful celebrity fundraising cruises, from political magazines like "The Nation" and "The National Review" to many major league baseball teams.

Making Waves is made possible by the generous support of CARTOON BOOKS, DARK HORSE COMICS, DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS, DRAWN & QUARTERLY, NBM PUBLISHING, NEXTPLANETOVER.COM, ONI PRESS, SIRIUS ENTERTAINMENT, SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS, and WONDERCON. All proceeds from the event benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics community. To inquire about attending creators and comics programming, please contact the CBLDF at 1-800-99-CBLDF or visit our web site at

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