Random Thoughts by Chris Reid

Dear Magic User,

I'm pleased to announce that MicroSpell® Corporation is about to release a new version of its spellbook, Crystals XP (eXperience Power).

Being a mage in a today's world won't get much better. With this new upgrade to the Crystals mage book, you'll find the same great features that made the previous versions the most popular spellbooks out there. Some of these include:

  • A bundle of MicroSpell (and partner guilds) spells pre-written into your spellbook.

  • Microspell's Teleport, the spell that gets you where you're going. It's now even faster, as it is seamlessly integrated into your spellbook. *

  • The Cyrstals graphical interface. No more wasting time flipping pages or giving obscure commands.

Crystals XP expands on these already solid features, providing you with the following and much, much more:

  • Increased security with our CRSS (Crystals Spell System). This means no more worrying about those thieving rival mages stealing your spells.

  • SRM (spell rights management) is built directly into the mage book. This will make spell piracy a thing of the past.

  • The new Teleporter 6.0 will allow you to travel through the Planar Wide Web with more ease than ever.

  • Crystals XP takes better advantage of your memory. You can memorize far more spells than in previous versions, and cast them much faster.

  • No more messy reagents needed to cast spells. Since they're integrated into the spell book, all you need is a bit of gold to pay for the per-use license. Simply teleport or mail the gold to Licensing Dept. MicroSpell Corp./ 666 Souleater Way / The Abyss, Lower Planes.

This upgrade is easy to install, and easier to use. ** Spells fizzle far less often than they did with previous versions, and you have to rememorize your spells much less often. For those problems you do have, Crystals has excellent support options. Our scribes are available for telepathic troubleshooting 24 hours a day (more in select planes), and can be paid on an as-needed basis. Our free, searchable Pillar of Skulls can be accessed from any scrying crystal, and contains our entire magical knowledge base.

So, don't waste your time with those other spellbooks, see-through or not. Stick with Crystals. Our motto is: We don't just eat your soul, we devour it!


Steve Baator
Chief Magical Officer

* Teleporter 6.0 is integrated into your spellbook, and as such cannot be removed.
Please address any issues you have with our staff of support scribes.
** In select planes only. The registration key requires a valid soul.

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