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This month I will again be talking about Civil War, or more specifically a small event within the larger event. What I will be covering includes events from Civil War #2 and The Amazing Spider Man #533, so if you haven't read those issues, or heard about what happened within them then you need to decide if you will read further. With that said, on we go.

At the end of Civil War #2 we had what I would consider to be a truly major event in Marvel Comics history, and that was Peter Parker revealing that he was Spider-Man to the public. This ranks right up there with the death of Superman, but with one very large difference, and that is the fact that Peter must now live with his decision. For some the question of "Why?" was the most important thing in Peter's decision. Was it just another step in Joe Quesada's personal agenda checkpoints (screw over Speedball, find a way to separate Peter and MJ, etc.)? Was it a way to shut up the people who whined after seeing the movie Spider-Man 2 ("I didn't like that so many people saw his face . . . waaaah!")? I don't know (though I'd love if it came out it was the second option), but the ramifications of Peter's decision could be something that will forever affect the face of the Marvel Universe if dealt with correctly.

As if Peter revealing his identity wasn't enough of a punch to the gut for the readers another blow would come in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #533. There were the things that readers could expect, such as a lawsuit from the Daily Bugle and threats from some members of the public, but there was also Peter's realization that his private life as a "regular" person and his secret life of a hero just didn't mix well. While stuck between a conversation with heroes and family he found that he was almost in the way as each world wanted to mesh with the other without any regard for the linking point, him. What is a newly revealed hero to do? Move forward and work with it. Peter has been through worse, but then things really go wrong.

Before he can even really begin adapting to his new life as an unmasked hero Peter finds himself drafted into the civil war that is brewing in a way he didn't expect, he will be a hunter of heroes who wish to keep their identities private. This revelation is caught best in the words of Aunt May, ". . . does this mean you'll have to fight Captain America?" Will Peter have to face down the man that is an inspiration for so many individuals in the Marvel Universe, from everyday mortals to gods? I imagine it is a question Peter hopes he never has to answer. Chances are though, that he is going to find himself answering that question.

Now, I'm actively doing my best to avoid spoilers as of late. I don't to places on the internet that I used to that cover comics because there is just too much that is spilled in my opinion, of course that also means I miss out on a lot of good theories that people have. I'm not sure many would consider my theories good, but here is what I hope we will see happen in the near future, even if temporarily.

I am hoping that Peter will have to face down Cap, and in that instant Peter will realize that what he is doing isn't right and let Cap go. The unforeseen affect of this will be Iron Man coming down on Peter hard. The reality would be that due to the Extremis Virus Iron Man is probably tapped into Spider-Man's new high-tech suit at all times and he will "see" what Peter does while being in a position where he can't stop it. From there I think Peter will ditch the new costume for his old one and go underground. On top of that I think Peter will hold Tony (Iron Man) to a promise he made about taking care of his (Peter's) family. Tony will then be forced to protect the family of not only a public menace (to those who believe what the Daily Bugle prints) but a traitor. I believe that such an event could then plant the seeds for Tony to see the reason why some heroes choose to keep their identities secret. Of course, that's just me.

There are so many ways that things could go. There could be great good and great pain that comes from Peter's decision. I believe he and his family felt the good would outweigh any pain that would come, but there was more to Peter revealing his identity than even he knew. He has now become a pawn in a much greater game, and I don't think he will stand silent much longer. I don't think Peter thought that when he revealed what was behind the mask of Spider-Man he would find himself betrayed by those heroes who were so encouraging of others to take their masks off. Now he realizes that heroes without masks aren't necessarily still keeping secrets.

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