Jamie Coville

Jamie "Hitman" Coville, born in '75, was almost named Waylon after Honky Tonk country singer Waylon Jennings. Thank god for sober Moms. After 6 weeks of being called 'kid' by my brothers, my Dad answered my nagging Mother saying "ahh.. just name him Jamie." In grade 6 my geek friends were reading comic books so I decided get into them too. Avengers #276 was my first issue. Today I am a college graduate and an Internet junkie moving from one odd job to another. I have a history of biting off more than I can chew. Beside doing interviews and articles for CTO, I do comic reviews for Collecting-Comics.com and I have a History of Superhero Comic Books website. My pipe dream is to make a living in comics, be it writing them, writing about them, or something else.

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